Mandy & The Jam Fam
Mandy & The Jam Fam Opening Theme Song

Mandy & The Jam Fam was created as a way to begin to build bridges before a divide has a chance to open through the universal language of music. On February 22nd, 2020, while in St. John USVI on a short musical tour, music producer, teacher and recording artist, Kristen Long, and multi-instrumentalist/composer, Will Fink spent a life-changing day with family; Kristen’s aunt, uncle, cousins and their kids. The magic and wonder in the kids’ eyes, as well as, their natural inclination to join in upon seeing and hearing Will play the mandolin, flute, and fiddle caused an idea to spark in Kristen that swiftly revealed itself to have the potential for a positive social and educational impact, relatability and representation, inclusivity, and marketability. By the next morning, and with no sleep being had, Kristen had conceived of the premise, characters, the “Musicverse” they live in, and the stories for multiple episodes. Over the next two years, Mandy & The Jam Fam was nurtured and developed to the point that it is ready to be brought to life in full.

With Mandy & The Jam Fam we aim to expose children to musical instruments and styles from all over world, as well as the cultures they derive from. We hope to inspire children to pick up an instrument and learn how to speak, play, and read the language of music. This is particularly valuable during this critical period in the child’s growth, ensuring advanced neurophysiological development, enhanced language prosody, mathematic and scientific development, physical and neurological coordination, and emotional advancement through art.

We aim to broadcast Mandy & The Jam Fam in multiple languages, and in multiple countries. We further aim to take Mandy’s Musicverse into the Multiverse, as well as, interactive apps in which the kids can learn from and play along with their favorite characters through lessons designed by the Mandy & The Jam Fam team. Maybe a child is still too young to play. No problem! They can snuggle a Mandy & The Jam Fam stuffy, or pick up a Mandy & The Jam Fam toy character in which they can make music by simply pressing a button. The Mandy & The Jam Fam band will release a single of each episode’s featured song, and eventually even go on tour with a live show!

As with music itself, there is no limit to the innovative ways that Mandy & The Jam Fam can positively impact humanity.

Don’t wait another beat! Partner with the Mandy & The Jam Fam team today as we compose the great concerto called life!

Hi! I’m Mandy…short for Amanda-Lynn. I live in Grand Staff, USM (United Sounds of Music) with my parents Papa Piano and Big Mama Bass, my big brother Gus Guitar, my younger twin siblings Violet Violin and Finnegan Fiddle, and our dog Bow. My best friends are Tessa Tuba, Max Sax, and Clarence Clarinet. Tessa lives with her mom Trumpette, her dad Slide Trombone, and her baby sister, Little Susie Sousaphone. Max and Clarence live with their Uncle Tenor and Aunt Flutie, who are really cool.

My friends and I go to school at Grand Staff Middle School, where Miss Harley High Hat teaches us about Rhythm, Mr. Mellow Cello teaches us about Melody, and Miss Monica Harmonica teaches us about Harmony. The best way to get to Grand Staff is to ride the Rhythm Train. On your way in you’ll go over Trill Hill, through Interval Valley, and up to Treble Peak and Clef Cliff, where you’ll get to stop for a fermata birds-eye view of Sound Wave Beach, three octaves below. When the conductor gives the cue it is time to move on across Breakdown Bridge, and finally into Grand Staff Central Train Station, which is downtown next to Five Lines Park and Community Center.

There’s lots to do in Grand Staff, major and minor. Make sure to visit Chef Bagpipe at Brigadoon’s Bakery for a tasty morning treat, check out Really Great Records, Downbeat Dance Center, and the Funky Shack for some afternoon fun, before having dinner at Coda Cafe or Arpeggio’s Italian Bites. Don’t forget to come to the nightly jam at Five Lines Gazebo for a perfect cadence to end the day.

Grand Staff attracts visitors from all over the Musicverse! Even though we meet instruments we’ve never seen before and who play with all sorts of different accents, we can always connect and communicate through our common language. Music! Papa Piano says it’s the “key to life!” In fact, whenever I feel blue, Papa tells me to just ride the rhythm of my own unique melody until I come to harmony!

New Record! Official release will be late fall 2022. Unofficial release only on SoundCloud. Give it a listen and help us build streams.

Creative Crusade with Yonder Window Theater Company

The Reckoning
The Story of my Solitude – Kristen
The Story of my Solitude – Will